Help Desk

Nothing is more common in IT than outsourcing help desk operations, especially “tier one” calls.

There are plenty of benefits to outsourcing help desk. For example, an outsourced help desk reduces fixed costs and thereby increases return on investment. Outsourcing help desk also helps you focus on your core competencies.  As business goes through cycles and seasons, an outsourced help desk offers flexible capacity. Most importantly, the continued diversity of IT makes it nearly impossible for in-house resources to stay current on their training. This is especially true in the age of consumerized cloud services and shadow IT. It is a common misconception that cloud services and BYOD, coupled with 24/7 over-the-air self-service, alleviate the need for help desk. Nothing could be further from reality. Self-service and BOYD simply call for a different set of talents and a wider range of technical skills.

Among the pitfalls that traditionally have plagued the outsourced help desk have been distant personnel, impersonal service, and the overall lack of cultural fit. Help desk services provided primarily over the phone or Web sessions, by their very nature, are missing the direct personal touch. That’s why there is an especially strong need for service personnel take direct interest and ownership in the user’s issue. On the other hand, cloud services and BYOD continue to tear down the barriers among various IT silos – no system works in a vacuum. Help desk staff must have the diverse skill set necessary to find a solution and the adaptability to find someone who can find the solution. Not only that, but also strive for a smooth hand-over and consistent positive user experience.

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