Cloud Solutions

The benefits, as well as the hype, of “the cloud” have been a topic of business discussions for a long time. One market segment that has remained under-served by the cloud is the small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs.) These businesses have been deterred by the misconception that moving to the cloud means losing control of their IT operations and data. Absent form the arguments, however, are key elements driving any business to move to the cloud.

From the continuing diversity of technology to the savvy consumer, and from shrinking maintenance windows to the necessity of continuity planning, SMBs simply cannot easily create the same level of security and operational efficiency found in in a Level 3 or 4 data center, while avoiding the downward pressures on margins.

What about loss of control? More importantly, how does an SMB know that the chosen cloud service is in good health and performing as expected? The thinking that “the cloud” is “one size fits all” is the root cause behind these fears among SMBs. From control to management, and from return on investment (ROI) to key performance indicators (KPIs,) cloud solutions must be tailored according to business priorities. Whether it’s visualizing servers or desktops, outsourcing applications, building a hybrid cloud, or business continuity planning, there is no substitute for a holistic view of your business when considering cloud services.

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